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Motor City Express Networks

Integrations made easy

Let Your Data Take Your Business to Higher Grounds

With digital transformation through IoT, every business owner should be able to know exactly where their business is at, where its been, and where its going. With real-time reporting, business owners can sweat their assets, hold their employees accountable, and make smart business decisions to ensure success and company growth. 

Web Based Single Pane of Glass Dashboard Integrations

Express Networks has integrated multiple IT vendors into its Single Pane of Glass Web-based

Management Platform called CruzControl

Industrial Grade Machine Learning

Express Networks actively offers Machine Learning applications to reduce downtime with Industrial grade equipment.

Versatility in Application

We can replicate our integrations to any vertical looking for highly distributed lean IT operations, giving you plug'n'play integrations.

Proactive Customer Service

Our award winning CruzControl platform enables our NOC and Tech Support Team to offer a more proactive approach to provide a better customer experience

Unprecedented Velocity. Impeccable Reliability.

Motor City Express Networks is the IT arm of a Michigan based industrial equipment manufacturer that works with thousands of retail, manufacturing, and C-Store locations. We supply full business solution integrations that provide our customers with real-time controls, management and actionable insights into what's happening both on property and as a whole enterprise. 


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